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Nandrobolin 250 Injection

What is Nandroboline?
Nandrobolin is an anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. Nandrolone decanoate can be called a classic, old proven steroid. “Deca” was produced in 1962 and is still widely used by representatives of almost all sports. It is noteworthy that the human body under certain conditions, namely – long and prolonged loads, can independently secrete a hormone. However, its production is minimal, which was confirmed by research (the concentration of 19-noradrosterone, the main metabolite, does not exceed a few milligrams per milliliter of urine). It should be noted that today, in addition to dacanoate, there is phenylpropionate and even nandrolone propionate, but it is the “deck” that still holds the leading positions.

How to take Nandrobolin
The cycle Nandrobolin is recommended to the athletes wishing to receive the prolonged effect. The increase in muscle mass stretched in time. The recommended duration of the cycle, depending on the athlete’s experience in taking AAS, its goals and physiological features, varies from 8 to 10 weeks. It is rational to perform injections weekly, dosage of 300-600 milligrams. An increase in the norm significantly increases the risk of undesirable side effects. When tightening the cycle over two months, you must use chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone that stimulates the synthesis of testosterone.

Regarding how to take Nandrobolin 250 in combination, the recommended combinations are nandrolone mixes with methandrostenolone, testosterone, sustanon and winstrol. The steroid combines best with these drugs, provides a synergistic effect in many ways, and also has a low incidence of negative reactions.


Salt Nandrolone Decanoate USP 250 mg/ml
Name Nandrobolin 250
Manufactured By Alpha Pharma
Packaging 10 Ampules of 1ml each.
Use Body Building
Storage Store in a Cool Place

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