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For millions of people, Mediseller is the trusted and familiar home where they know they will find a healing touch. Mediseller connects you with everything you need to take good care of yourselves, your family and your pharmacy needs - assessing health issues, free surgery consultation, bulk export, obtaining medicines, cold chain shipping or Phgarma logistics.Supplier & Exporter of Anti Cancer Medicines, Oncology Medicine & Anti HIV Drugs, Philippines

Healthcare providers can also utilize the power of Mediseller as the definitive platform that helps them build their presence, engage patients more deeply than ever and grow establishments.

We are thinkers, dreamers, and doers rolled into one. We want to enhance the healthcare experience for all humanity and are guided by values and driven by a motto to do great. These are not just principles for our products or our company, but also the reflection of who we are as people.



  • What Our Clients are Saying

  • I have been with MediSellers for many years. Always had great service fast delivery time and very good quality products. It is very rare to have this type of service consistently for such a long time and for that I enjoy working in ordering from them for all my medical needs and prescription medication. Thank you will keep ordering and enjoyed a good service.
  • Great seller, honest, quick, and good price. Willing to offer help. I already purchased from them and use the drug for about half a year and already saw promising results for the treatment. Highly recommend.
  • Excellent experience, the supplier replies very fast and the prices are the cheapest i've seen. Recommened for everyone. Delivery to Moscow by EMS


  • Why US

  • Get Important Medicines Right At Your Door Step
    Medicines for diseases like HIV, various types of cancers, Hepatitis etc., are generally on high demand and are on short supply. Going from shop to shop to get these key medicines is frustrating for many people. Also at times, these medicines are costly owing to their low supply.
  • Get Assured Supply of HIV Drugs Anytime
    Recently, there was a short supply of essential HIV drugs in the country. It led to people in need of these medicines at the mercy of the medicine suppliers. Prices skyrocketed and burdened the common man.
  • Mediseller - An Expert Exporter of Bulk Drugs
    Many manufacturers of pharmaceuticals cannot afford to handle exports of bulk medicines on their own. It adds to their operational costs. Instead, they can save costs by hiring third-party export service providers.


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